1. Business/Economic growth and sustainability – All Businesses must have an Internet presence to be successful in the 21st century.
  2. Emergency services – 911/Dispatch services rely heavily on broadband infrastructure for communication between private phone lines to coordinated 911/dispatch service among all emergency response agencies such as police, sheriff, fire, hospital, and ambulatory services.
  3. Government services – communication and the sharing of information between government agencies requires high speed broadband to provide services to local communities.
  4. Education – 21st century skills are extremely important in the learning environment for kids. Information is readily available in the forms of websites, video and audio streaming, as well as distance learning all of which require large amounts of bandwidth to support.
  5. Homes – Convergence of home entertainment such as cable TV, movies on demand, and radio on demand as well as Internet access and communications (phone service and video teleconferencing)