Aggregate Experience
Identify and bring together local team resources such as technology personnel, elected officials, anchor institutions, and service providers that will facilitate and leverage high speed broadband initiatives for the county.

Assess Broadband Environment
Inventory resources currently available to support high speed broadband initiatives such as existing technology infrastructure (fiber optics, DSL, wireless, etc.) and available and willing service providers and their products. Identify areas of under-served areas for broadband. Determine redundancy of services.

Assess Demand
Determine broadband demand and needs for businesses, government agencies, homes, and other anchor institutions in the county. Are the available services affordable? Aggregate Demand Collect data to show demand for broadband for Fremont

Aggregate Resources
Acquire funding for broadband initiatives to bring high speed, abundant, redundant, and affordable broadband to the county. Attract competitive options to broadband services to all customers.

Aggregate Solutions
Build a Carrier Neutral Location (CNL) facility to bring high speed abundant, redundant, and affordable broadband connections to the community that is not controlled by any private or commercial interests and provides a level “playing field” that will allow high speed broadband service providers to bring their services to the county.

Aggregate Sustainability
Develop a plan to allow future demands and needs for high speed broadband services to grow, much like the demands and needs for other utilities such as water, electricity, and natural gas services.