Fremont County took its name from famed western explorer Captain John C. Fremont, “The Pathfinder,” who, along with his scout Kit Carson, mapped the territory in 1843. Fremont County is nestled along the Arkansas River valley in south central Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The majestic Royal Gorge Canyon has been the focal point of Fremont County history since prehistoric times. For centuries Ute Indians knew its secrets as did later groups of Spanish Conquistadors. Lt. Zebulon Pike explored the canyon in the winter of 1806 traveling up the frozen Arkansas River.

Fremont County encompasses an area of 1533 square miles and has a population of 47,446. Mild weather and beautiful landscapes make Fremont County a tourist attraction in all seasons. Cities and Towns including Canon City, Florence, Penrose, Brookeside, Williamsburg, Coal Creek, Rockvale, Cotopaxi and Howard reside within the County. We are home to the famous Royal Gorge Bridge and the Arkansas River, one of the most rafted rivers in the United States. Canon City is also home to many of Colorado’s state and federal prisons.