Fremont Connect

Fremont Connect is a local broadband planning team
working in conjunction with the Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology and other surrounding local broadband planning teams dedicated to acquire high
speed broadband services for all of Fremont County and
beyond. We believe that high speed broadband services
are a necessity to the economic growth and everyday life
for the citizens of Fremont County, Colorado.

High speed broadband must be:
Abundant – Plenty of bandwidth services to address
the needs of the county now and well into the future;
Redundant – Connections coming to our communities
from several directions as to maintain services in the
event of a failure
Affordable – Services for rural areas should not cost more than most urban areas.

Currently, broadband services in Fremont County ARE NOT abundant, redundant, or affordable. Without high speed broadband, rural areas such as Fremont County will fall behind without improved broadband. High speed broadband has a larger impact to a community than just Internet services to your home.

How you can get involved…

You can run the speed test on your existing internet connection, and find additional local providers at the Colorado Broadband page at